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Welcome to the world of fine lavender, also called true lavender or Oficinalis lavender.

Provence’s symbolic flower, reputed for its numerous beneficial properties and prestigious because of its history and tradition, it excites the marvel of our senses. Its blue colour in our Mediterranean landscapes arouses our wonder and its timeless scent never fails to bring back happy memories.

Since 1890 the Lincelé family has continued the tradition of cultivating lavender in the dry provincial mountains between Ventoux and Luberon. It is out of this family passion that the "Made in Provence” cosmetics mark has been born.


Our registered trademark "Le Château du Bois®" is a sign of high quality care and cosmetic products that are wholly elaborated from fine lavender of Provence.

Château du Bois®, the name of our family property and the place of our lavender fields, is now become our trademark for natural cosmetic product dedicated to fine lavender. Thus we have chosen a name to pay tribute to the generations of our family that have worked to produce, defend and promote 100% pure and natural fine lavender.


Under our registered trademark "LeChâteau du Bois®" we offer a wide range of divers face and body cares within the spirit of our family tradition and care.


We guarantee the origin the production process of our products made from 100% natural fine lavender essential oil labelled A.O.P. lavender from Haute Provence.


The guarantee and promise of Château du Bois® for all its natural cosmetic and care products is:

  • That all of its cosmetic products will be made with fine lavender essential oil A.O.P., a 100% pure and natural produce of the Château du Bois' harvest.
  • That every recipe prioritises a richness of active natural ingredients with natural ingredients such as: essential oils, vegetal oils, oil extracts. The concentrations and vegetal extracts we indicate are not named as a part of a marketing strategy, they are a real reminder of our determination to make effective products,
  • Every product has been subjected to clinical testing to prove its innocuousness for the skin.


Respect for the environment is a primary concern of Le Château du Bois, both at the agricultural level as well as during our research and product manufacturing. All our products are guaranteed:

  • To be without silicones and mineral oils,
  • To be without colouring and synthetic scents,
  • To be without parabens or phenoxyethanol
  • To be without leureth sulphate and derivatives of polyethylene glycol (PEG, PPG) except for foaming products such as the "shower gel for body and hair" and the "bubble bath”
  • Without raw animal products except products of the hive (beewax and honey).
  • Our products are not tested on animals, even though the European directives forbid these test, we prefer mention this with regards to those ingredients that are not made in the EEC,
  • All our packaging is easily recyclable (glass, recyclable pet, cardboard, vegetable inks, including accessories such as the pipettes). The company has for a long time been committed to sorting and recycling packaging within the Eco-packaging program,
  • Every package is made with particulate and paper dunnage made of 100% corn starch-based biodegradable material that decomposes in water without toxic residues.
  • Sensitive to the value of products from Provence, all our product are “Made in Provence”.


We‘d like to thank those customers who have been regular from the beginning and as for those who are visiting the site for the first time, we bid you welcome! 


Sophie and Jack Lincelé

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Extra gentle shampoo ORGANIC - bottle of 16.7 fl.oz.us

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Lavender shaving cream for a soft and perfect shaving ORGANIC - Tube 2.5fl.oz.us

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After sports gel for joints and muscles ORGANIC - Tube 5fl.oz.us

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Box of aromatic home fragrance - bottle of 3.3 fl.oz + flowers bag of 20g

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Refill for aromatic home fragrance + 7 stalks - 8.4 fl.oz.us

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Refill for fine lavender rest and relax massage oil - bottle of 8.4 fl.oz.us

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Refill for fine lavender muscle comfort massage oil - bottle of 8.4 fl.oz.us

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Pure plant oval soap - 7.9 oz.us

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Hair and body shower gel with fine lavender for men - tube of 200ml

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Fine lavender room spray - bottle of 3.3 fl.oz.us

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