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Le Château Du Bois - Organic Certification

Why choose organic cosmetics?

The reasons are both individual and ethical.  The use of organic cosmetics helps to preserve one’s health; the quality of the products is ensured and their origin is known. At the same time environmental conservation is fundamental and the purchase of products from organic agriculture is an integral part of a global eco-responsible approach in favour of the environment.
Organic products meet the needs of demanding and committed consumers.

 « Le Château du Bois » has chosen Ecocert to certify its cosmetic products

 « Le Château du Bois » has chosen Ecocert to certify its cosmetic products. This certification is a guarantee of product quality and conformity.

Ecocert is an inspection and certification organisation approved by the French Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fishing and the French Ministry of Economy, Industry and Employment.  Its specifications are constantly evolving, updated and improved. In terms of structure and procedures, Ecocert is accredited by COFRAC - the French Committee of Accreditation - according to the IS0 65 standard which demands independence, competence and impartiality.  Eco-certified producers are inspected twice a year by an independent Ecocert auditor. 

The certification guarantees:

  • 95% minimum ingredients of natural origin
  • 10% minimum ingredients from organic agriculture
  • 5% maximum of a very limited number of essential synthetic molecules such as preservative agents. These authorised molecules must be clearly indicated on the packaging. 

The following requirements must be met:

  • The ingredients are collected, transformed or extracted according to procedures validated by Ecocert (production processes and methods respecting the environment).
  • Synthetic perfumes and colouring, silicones, parabens, substances from the petrochemical industry and ethoxylated compounds (PEG), glycols etc are forbidden. Raw materials of animal origin and product tests on animals are also forbidden. 
  • Certain animal products and by-products which do not directly harm the life of animals and the production of which is not harmful to the ecological balance may nevertheless be used (beeswax, propolis, honey, milk etc)
  • Respect for the environment in terms of sourcing raw materials, transformation processes, end product presentation, biodegradability, recyclable packaging and waste resulting from their production.
  • No genetic engineering, no ionizing radiation in the production and treating of agricultural products.
  • Products are GMO-free.


Organic Certification