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Le Château Du Bois - Research & Development

Unique know-how and long-standing scientific expertise. 

Behind the scenes of «Le Château du Bois» cosmetics:


1/Research: from the plant to the product

Based on science and know-how, the story of each product begins in the plant world.  This is a passionate and beautiful tale, largely inspired by nature and the ancient use of plants. 

Observing nature and learning from ancient apothecaries and ethnobotanists remain at the heart of the Lincelé family’s quest for product innovation.

Research: from the plant to the product

2/ Extraction: optimal plant-based ingredients for product efficacy

Constantly searching for the most effective plant-based ingredients, « Le Château du Bois » currently has at its disposal a herbarium of more than 30 plants.  Each plant is carefully analysed.  The most effective part, be it the leaf, flower, stem or root, is selected according to strict efficacy and safety criteria and is used in its most effective concentration. 

« Le Château du Bois » works with leading experts including chemists, biologists, pharmacologists and dermatologists. Their expertise and efforts come together in one common goal:  the quality and efficacy of the end product.


The synergy of the natural active ingredients represents the unrivalled power of each product.  « Le Château du Bois » cosmetics demonstrate a most wonderful example of the art of dosing and assembling.  In one same formula, they combine aromatic essential oils and medicinal plant extracts, selected for their complementarity and perfect synergy.  

Formulation: patience, rigour and traceability

3/ Formulation: patience, rigour and traceability

Once the most effective ingredients have been extracted from the plants, the formulators, based in Forcalquier in the Haute Provence Alps, endow the product with all its qualities and ensure maximum comfort to the skin.  For the formulators each criterion is essential, including stability, ease of application, sensorial qualities and fragrance 

The keys to formulation are rigour and patience.  Several months of work, punctuated by constant tests, are indispensable to the creation of an effective formula.  The demand for quality is constant, requiring numerous physical, chemical and bacteriological analyses according to strict specifications. The creation of a new formula takes between twelve and eighteen months with numerous trials and tests. 

The choice of raw material suppliers is essential. Organic certification guarantees the traceability of the ingredients from organic agriculture. The producers are inspected to check they are respecting the environment and are producing quality materials.  Each supplier must meet very strict requirements.  This policy is applied to raw materials as well as to the packaging of the end product.

4/ Tests : efficacy, safety and sensorial analysis

The top priority for « Le Château du Bois »is product efficacy and safety.

Tolerance tests are carried out under dermatological control.  Before use, each product is tested using ultra-effective techniques.  If product efficacy is proven, « Le Château du Bois » goes on to develop, analyse and test the product’s poly-sensory properties: visible aspect, softness, colour, fragrance, ease of application, absorption rate...  Panels of specially trained women and men test the textures with a view to obtaining the optimal sensorial characteristics.

5/ Cosmetovigilance, constantly monitoring product safety

This is a procedure that allows us to monitor any undesirable effects of launched products.  In close collaboration with the Customer Relations service, all comments received from customers are strictly taken into consideration.

Behind the scenes of «Le Château du Bois» fragrances:

Behind the scenes of «Le Château du Bois» packaging:

 « Le Château du Bois » is a reflection of Mediterranean perfumery.  The creation of fragrances is one of its recent activities and owes its success to a well-kept secret: a meeting with a perfumer who is passionate about natural raw ingredients and understands how to balance them in the most harmonious way.  With long-standing professional experience in the field of luxury goods, she has a wonderful feel for the emotional side of « Le Château du Bois »’s fine lavender.  She surprises the most experienced noses with her creativity in fine fragrance, uniting noble and natural ingredients from all over the world with Provence lavender. 

Fragrance development demands precision at every stage from the conception, the elaboration process, the alcohol blend and the choice of components, through to the final product and name. Nothing is left to chance.

Behind the scenes of «Le Château du Bois» packaging:

« Le Château du Bois » follows meticulous procedures in its packaging development.  The research takes into account aesthetics, practicalities and the impact on nature.  The carefully selected colours and shades ensure that the products stand out on the shelves. « Le Château du Bois » is a brand uniting elegance and sincerity