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Le Château du Bois :Environment, brand integrity

Brand integrity

A confidential and niche brand, « Le Château du Bois » does not allow itself to be influenced by trends. Its sole objective is to produce, distil and create cosmetic products, taking into account the impact on the environment with a view to conserving one of the purest eco-systems in the world.

Our aim is to offer a line of high quality skincare products with no compromises.

Le Château du Bois : un domaine lavandivole unique

The day to day reality for Château du Bois is the land where the lavender grows from a tiny seed to a beautiful flower. Its essence, named at the beginning of the 20th century “The Blue Gold of Provence” takes us on a harmonious and sensorial journey right to the heart of nature and humanity. Rare and confidential, « Le Château du Bois » addresses a curious, demanding consumer with a passion for authenticity. The balance between man and nature requires constant vigilance. The wish to create products with minimal effects on nature has been at the core of the Lincelé family convictions for a long time. Impact on nature takes priority over farming activities and product development. We are committed to sustainable development and are far from regarding it as simply a means of giving ourselves a good conscience.

Sustainable production and development
The lavender growers signed the “Charter for Sustainable Development” during the first exhibition “Sustainable Planet” on 10 April 2008 in Paris and in conjunction with the French Ministry of Agriculture. The charter has three dimensions: social, economic and environmental. All methods concerning the cultivation of lavender now fall under this initiative. The producers accepted the choice without ambivalence despite much pressure to commit to higher productivity with clonal lavender and more intensive farming, which would in turn create pollution. The fine lavender producers understand the fragility behind the beauty of this plant, because they live so close to nature. This commitment was a natural choice, enabling them to play a role in the conservation of lavender.

Fair trade
This term also applies to lavender AOP. In today’s global market, we find various lavenders and hybrids of diverse origin. However, every purchase of lavender AOP (or of a product which includes it in its formula) exclusively benefits the Haute-Provence producers. This helps to support them in these difficult and arid mountain areas so that they may continue to produce the best, perpetuating the great beauty of the Provence landscapes which inspired the French author, Jean Giono.

lavender AOP

Ecological footprint

Before proceeding with any farming, cosmetic or commercial activity, the Lincelé family firstly considers its impact on nature. The carbon footprint score should not just be low, but negative. The «Château du Bois » estate maintains 350 hectares of nature, consisting of 110 hectares of fine lavender crops, 180 hectares of woodland and forests and 60 hectares of heath. This perfectly balanced diversity protects the fauna and flora.


Ecological footprint

“Eco-Packaging” Compliance

Since 2004 « Le Château du Bois » has voluntarily adhered to a private initiative created in 1992 and approved by the State: “Eco-Emballages” (“Eco-Packaging”). The objective is to contribute to the collection, selective sorting and reprocessing of household packaging. In this capacity, “Éco-Emballages” receives contributions from companies and financially supports those participating in the measures. Its activities are based on specifications updated in October 2010:

  • receive contributions from companies and take on 80% of the costs of a collection and sorting service;
  • better recuperate household packagings used outside of the home, for example on motorway rest areas or train stations;
  • favour the reduction of waste ahead of time, in particular by helping the contracting companies to develop eco-packaging;
  • inform consumers and citizens about the environmental, economic and social issues surrounding the household packaging industry.

Le Château du Bois :Eco Cert