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Le Château du Bois :French manufacturing


Beauty and wellness made in France

« Le Château du Bois » prides itself on its exclusively French manufacturing of face and body skincare products, bath products and perfumes. This geographical localisation guarantees traceability and an optimal control of product manufacturing practices.

Product efficacy and safety, rigorous procedures and regulatory compliance are all priorities for « Le Château du Bois ».

« Le Château du Bois » prides itself on its exclusively French manufacturing

A team of complementary experts (chemists, biologists, toxicologists) aims to offer consumers guaranteed product safety according to the European Regulation 1223/2009.  An array of in vitro and in vivo tests verify the stability, tolerance and efficacy of each formula.  Additional methods ensure a complete product check during the production and packaging stages.  At the head office of  «Le Château du Bois », cosmetovigilance is in place to gather any information received about a product once it is on the market. This includes:

  • Declaring any undesirable effects and gathering relevant information.
  • Recording, evaluating and using the relevant information as a preventive measure.
  • Carrying out studies and other work concerning the safety of use of cosmetic products.
  • Carrying out and following up corrective measures if necessary.
An independent and committed French brand

An independent and committed French brand

By bringing together family know-how and modern cosmetic experience, the niche brand « Le Château du Bois » affirms its independence.  It combines the will to create desire amongst consumers and the resolve to fulfil their wishes by listening to their needs. The aim is not to grow for growth’s sake, but to continue to create and innovate in order to ensure the availability of natural cosmetic products. «Le Château du Bois» markets organic skincare products «made in France» for an international clientele. 

This is the signature of an original and inimitable brand. 

Today’s customer is offered the luxury of enjoying an authentic and unique product.

une gamme complète Made In France

Labelling regulations

Since its creation « Le Château du Bois » has defended its ideas by clearly indicating the active ingredients and their concentration on the packaging.  It does not consider an ingredient as a simple marketing element. The most active part of the plant is used in its most effective concentration taking into account safety specifications. Labelling regulations must be respected. For example, when stating “Provence lavender” the manufacturer must indicate the quantity or percentage of ingredients used in the product and, for the term “Provence”, prove that the lavender essential oil has been certified AOP. This is a regulatory obligation as well as a guarantee for the consumer. It is essential that all information on the label be correct. It is the golden rule of transparency and traceability.

Le Château du Bois : Made in france