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Le Château du Bois - Transmission of values

Transmission of values

The name of the brand’s first perfume creation Lavender for men is in honour of the late Georges Lincelé.

Highly respected, he did a great deal for fine lavender, following on from his father Marius and his grand-father Venance. He liked to remind his son Jack and his grand-son Max "quality without compromise is a way of life".

Max & Jack Lincelé

Our lavender must not suffer any concession, any mediocrity. « Le Château du Bois » is a natural area of beauty, it must be preserved, enriched. We must question ourselves, innovate and defend our values. » The natural area mentioned by Georges Lincelé consists of 350 hectares of land in the region of Provence, including 110 hectares of fine lavender fields. It is located between Mount Ventoux and the Luberon, isolated and hidden in the arid Provence mountains. If we are to talk of authenticity without betraying our roots, it should be in this magical place.

« Nature never lies» 

The manufacturing rules employed in the production and distillation of our fine lavender essential oil, are also applied to the development of our skincare and beauty products. Indeed, these practices have assured our success since 1890.

Intensive industrialisation, begun in the 1970s, led a large number of producers and distillers to replace population fine lavender with laboratory-manipulated « clones » and « hybrid » varieties. Although more productive, more resistant and easier to maintain, these varieties used in « perfuming » have lost their soul, their majestic fragrance and, more importantly, their therapeutic properties.
The Lincelé family remains true to tradition and continues to perpetuate population fine lavender and its properties of well-being according to ancestral gestures and techniques.

Armed with a solid experience in farming, we elaborate our cosmetics with the same line of conduct: quality, efficacy, integrity and transparency.


Our formulas, containing essential oils and plant-based ingredients, are hyper-concentrated for maximal efficacy. Our cosmetics are organic and certified by Ecocert®. Only five per cent of world cosmetics are certified organic. Effectively, organic ingredients are more costly than their synthetic counterparts. And formulating them is more complicated, longer and more expensive. It is inconceivable for « Le Château du Bois » to formulate its care and beauty products with the use of synthetic ingredients.

Our formulas, containing essential oils and plant-based ingredients, are hyper-concentrated for maximal efficacy.


Our cosmetics are tested by independent organisations on panels of trained consumers who approve the efficacy of our formulas.


The labelling on our packaging is clear and transparent, indicating the percentages of active ingredients in our formulas.


« Le Château du Bois » boasts complete command of the manufacturing process of its cosmetics, from the lavender seed to the end product. In this way we guarantee the traceability of our raw material and the quality of our end product.

« Le Château du Bois » is one of the rare cosmetic brands to have the pleasure of inviting you to its estate to share its unique know-how and passion for this symbolic flower of Provence.

Transmission of values