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  • Fine Lavender AOP
Découvrir la plante : lavande fine

The Blue Gold of Provence

Fine lavender from Haute Provence is an ancient flower and the only lavender to offer medicinal benefits, as its botanical name « lavandula officinalis » suggests.  One may also find the names « lavandula angustifolia » referring to its small size and narrow leaves, or « lavandula vera » true, unique  lavender.

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Le Château Du Bois : huiles essentielles de lavande labélisées AOP

Traceability and « grand cru »

Fine lavender represents excellence in lavender all over the world.  It is the only lavender recognised by the quality certification AOC (appellation d’origine contrôlée - controlled designation of origin) or AOP (appellation d’origine protégée - protected designation of origin).

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Le Château Du Bois : producteur de lavande fine

Lavender growers, a passion for regional authenticity 

We are passionate about our region, its soil and climate, and the subtleties of nature.  As lavender growers we ensure that our soil favours the purest and most elegant manifestation of agriculture: a lavender which is unique in the world.  It is not genetically manipulated, but natural, virtuous and expressive beyond time and place. It constantly seduces us, arouses our passion and profoundly touches our lives.

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Le Château Du Bois : distillation sur le domaine

From the flower to fine lavender AOP essential oil

Distillation is an art!  Its precision successfully transforms this magical flower into top-quality essential oil, recognised since ancient times for its medicinal benefits as well as its subtle and refined fragranceAt every harvest, aroma-therapists and fine fragrance perfumers contend for the supply of this precious and inimitable juice.

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Champs de lavande fine domaine Le Château Du Bois

Magnificent and enchanting landscapes

Fine lavender is made of dreams.  During the flowering season, the delightful patterns and intense blue of the fields offer a spectacular sight of overwhelming beauty. Such is the inimitable landscape at “Le Château du Bois » where the Lincelé family continues to develop its desirable lavender production in a natural and authentic manner. The preservation of these landscapes requires a high level of vigilance due to the constant struggle to protect fine lavender. 

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