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Le Château du Bois :Certifications and awards

Certified recognition

Since 1890 the destinies of the Château du Bois estate and the Lincelé family have been intertwined in a desire to offer women and men a sensorial and olfactory experience, inspired by the sunny and gentle nature of Provence.

Le Château du Bois : des huiles essentielles de lavande fine AOP médailléesThe AOP certificates

The certifications are obtained each year for each batch number.  Since the creation of this designation in 1981, « Le Château du Bois » has kept in its archives all the certificates and analyses of each production of essential oil.

National Contest for Haute Provence fine lavender essential oil

The contest for AOP essential oils is organised each year at Ferrassières (in the Drôme region) by the association EURO-LAVENDER.  It is reserved for producers who have obtained the AOP label and awards the best amongst them.  The jury, made up of professionals, compares the chemical analyses previously carried out by the INAO (National Institute for Origin and Quality) and the olfactory qualities of the different samples of essential oils. In this way, the jury selects the best essential oil of the year on the basis of both analytical and olfactory criteria. 



« Le Château du Bois » fine  lavender AOP essential oil Awards:


1/ Gold Medal

  • 2006
    Year 2006

  • 2011
    Year 2011 


2/ Silver Medal

  • 1988
    Year 1988        


3/ Bronze Medal

  • 2012
    Year 2012

  • 2013
    Year 2013 


Organic Certification