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Le Château Du Bois - Concentrated active ingredients

The gift of plants and the art of dosing and assembling

« Le Château du Bois » cosmetic products combine fine lavender AOP with aromatic essential oils and plant extracts in the same formula.  The ingredients are selected for their complementarity and perfect synergy of action.  

The most beneficial part of the plant is used in its most effective concentration taking into account safety specifications. The list of plant-based ingredients and their concentration is indicated on the packaging.

Respect de l'environnement

Our Herbarium

  • Apricot tree

    Apricot tree / Prunus armeniaca

    The apricot tree is a fruit tree from eastern and central Asia. It has acclimatized in some European regions, and it is now widely cultivated for its delicious and juicy fruit: the apricot. The oil extracted from its kernel by cold pressing is then used in remedies, massage oils or cosmetics.


    Products containing apricot oil : relaxing massage oil, draining massage oil and muscle comfort massage oil

  • Aloe vera

    Aloe vera / Aloe barbadensis

    It is widely cultivated in tropical regions, the aloe was already known in Ancient Egypt. It is even said Cleopatra owed aloe her legendary beauty. The research done on the gel from the aloe leaf core revealed softening, moisturising and toning compounds. In the medical field,  the aloe is applied externally to stimulate blood and facilitate the healing process. This gel is enriched in polysaccharide, composed sugars which help water retention on the skin layers. Thus the aloe vera gel is very appreciated in cosmetics because of its moisturising and soothing properties.

  • Almond tree / Prunus amygdalus var. dulcis

    Almond tree / Prunus amygdalus var. dulcis

    From central Asia, the almond tree is cultivated around the Mediterranean Basin for its fruits. Mentioned by Antiquity writers, it is also quoted in the Bible as coming from Palestine. In France as soon as 716, sweet almonds are quoted, along with other spices, in a charter edited by King Chilpéric. In 812, Charlemagne ordered almond trees to be introduced in the imperial gardens. In the Middle Ages the use of almond became more and more popular in recipes. In the 14th century, they represented an important part of the trade with Venice. Since Antiquity, almond oil has been extracted from its kernel and much used for its softening and moisturising virtues and more especially to heal and soothe skin’s inflammation.


    Products containing sweet almond oil : cleansing milk, nourishing and protective hand cream, nourishing body lotion, shaving cream, fortifying conditioner, anti-aging night cream for face.

  • Argan/ Argania spinosa

    Argan/ Argania spinosa

    The argan oil is extracted from the argan tree, an endemic tree from Morocco and western Algeria. Thanks to its organoleptic properties argan oil is very appreciated in the culinary field. It has been used for century by Berber women for its cosmetic virtues. This honey-coloured oil contains lot of essential fatty acids omega 6, as well as tocopherol (Vitamin E), and antioxidant preventing the drying of the skin.

    It can be applied in light facial massage as well as on extremely dry body parts.

    Most of the argan oil production is made through cooperative held by women. This is made possible first thanks to a program aiming at the improvement of country women’s labour conditions, through this activity which give them a complementary income. Secondly it is possible by a sustainable management of Argan production in the South West regions of Morocco.

    Products containing argan oil : repairing and protective lip stick.

  • Arnica

    Arnica / Arnica montana

    Wild flower from the Alps, arnica was acclaimed in the traditional pharmacopoeia for its exceptional healing capacity on bruises. Ever since it has been one of the key flower to heal the blows. It is so efficient researchers studied its chemical composition and found isolated actives compounds (flavonoids, tannins…) which explain its soothing and circulatory properties. In the cosmetic field, arnica extract is used for its decongestant and calming qualities.

    Products containing arnica oily extract : muscle comfort massage oil, after-sport gel.

  • Benjoin

    Benzoin Siam/ Styrax tonkinenesis

    Le Styrax tonkinensis tree can reach up to 35 metres. He grows spontaneously in Laos, Thailand and North Vietnam. Its balsam resin is collected by making an incision in seven-years-old-at-least trees, the resin colour varies from yellow to brown.

    Benzoin resin is traditionally used by indigenous tribes as a disinfectant, healing and expectorant product. Nowadays one can often find this resin in dermatological or respiratory balms. With its sweet and caramelised vanilla notes, Benzoin has been used in perfumery for a long time as a fixative for perfumes. Its ambergris fragrance offers sweet, spicy and oriental notes. Warm and comforting, Benzoin helps settle the mind and favours relaxation and meditation. A bewitching pearl which brings sweetness and delight to the most pleasant oriental perfume. 

    Product containing Benzoin Siam : Lavender for Men

  • Calendula / Calendula officinalis

    Calendula / Calendula officinalis

    Calendula is cultivated in every garden of temperate parts of Europe, for its big and bright yellow-to-orange flower heads. It has always been popular in medicine and appeared in the 1st edition of the French pharmacopoeia in 1818. Very efficient as an anti-inflammatory and healing flower, it is well known in the cosmetic sector for its soothing, moisturizing and softening properties.

    Products containing calendula : cleansing milk, nourishing and protective hand cream, nourishing body lotion

  • Lemon / Citrus limonum

    Lemon / Citrus limonum

    Originally from Asia, it was brought to Grece in Ancient Times. Lemon is part of the traditional pharmacopoeia thanks to its antipyretic, anti-infective and digestive virtues. Precious fruit, it used to protect sailors from scurvy. It conquered the world along with marine expeditions. In the cosmetic sector, lemon extract is used for its acid PH to thwart the drying effect of limestone. It is also popular because of its fruit acids which have scrubbing properties and boost cell renewal.

    Products containing lemon extract : cleansing milk, shaving cream, ultra-fresh and moisturizing cream mask for face and neck, after shave balm.

  • Lemon / Citrus limonum

    Green Key Lime/ Citrus aurantifolia

    Citrus aurantifolia is a small tree from the Rutaceae family. Its fruits are green, more acid and have more flavour than the yellow lemon. The lemon tree is a tropical tree, it is the least rustic citrus fruit as a result it does not support winter frosts. Originally from Asia, it has now accommodated on the American continent. Beyond its alimentary importance, it is also renown in the medical field. It has been used for century in the traditional medicine and is now at the centre of serious scientific research.  Green key lime oil softens and tones the skin by tightening the pores, it is advised for oily skins. Thanks to its anticoagulant action green key lime oil helps blood circulation.

    Products containing key lime : eye serum, ultra-fresh moisturizing cream mask for face and neck.

  • Coconut tree/ Cocos nucifera

    Coconut tree/ Cocos nucifera

    The coconut tree is a palm tree from the Cococeae family. The coconut tree is not exactly a tree but a monocotyledon plant. It gives the coconut fruit. This palm tree can be found everywhere in the humid intertropical zone. The coconut tree spreading is caused by the drifting of its fruits with the water currents. The coconut tree is composed of a stipe, sort of a trunk, with on the top a crown of leaves. At the base of each leaves there is an inflorescence, which turns into coconuts. Coconut tree is one of the oldest used plant, besides it has many different functions. In the cosmetic field, its dried pulp composed of 60 to 70% of lipid, is also called copra. Copra, the coconut flesh, enters in the composition of soaps or monoï. Coconut oil is emollient since it softens the skin. It is also moisturising because it keeps a good level of water in the skin and thus keeps it soft and smooth.

    Products containing coconut oil : ultra-fresh and moisturizing cream mask for face and neck, non-drying liquid soap, all our soaps.


  • Tonka

    Tonka Beans/ Dipteryx odorata

    Cultivated for its beans, this tree can often be found in Venezuela and Guyana. The violet-to-purple flowers form a cluster and the fleshy fruits have a kernel. In the latest there is a blackish oblong bean, 3 or 4 cm long and known as Tonka Bean. From this bean we extract a yellowish orange oil, rich is coumarin and much used to flavour tobacco. Its peculiar perfume explains its use in perfumery. 

    Products containing Tonka Bean : Lavender for Men

  • Genévrier

    Juniper/ Juniperus communis

    The Juniper is a shrub, widely distributed everywhere in France as well as in various other parts of the world. It is one of the most described medicinal plant. Its small berries were known by the pharmacist as well as the cook or the alcohol producers. In Ancient Times and in the Middle Ages, juniper was renown as a universal panacea. Good diuretic, its berries also have purgative, anti-inflammatory and toning properties.

    Products containing juniper berries : refreshing and tonic gel for legs.

  • Geranium / Pelargonium graveolens

    Geranium / Pelargonium graveolens

    Originally from South Africa, geranium was brought to France in the 17th  century, by sailors charmed by its strong rose-like fragrance. Thanks to it, geranium quickly became one of the major flower in the perfume industry. In the cosmetic industry, geranium essential oil is used for its purifying and soothing effects.

    Products containing geranium (bourbon) essential oil : anti-aging night cream

  • Guimauve

    Marsh Mallow / Althaea officinalis

    From Europe, the marshmallow plant is the ultimate softening plant. Roots, leaves and flowers are rich in mucilage, which helps heal irritations, inflammatory process or cough. The whole plant is used, even the roots which were once given to babies when teething. Le Château du Bois uses an organic marshmallow roots for its moisturising and softening properties.

    Products containing marshmallow oily extract : refreshing and tonic gel for legs, ultra-fresh foot cream.

  • Hamamelis

    Hamamelis / Hamamelis virginiana

    This small tree native from North America , look much alike a hazel tree. The Native Americans used it to heal wounds and relieve bad blood circulation. It is known for its excellent astringent and vasoconstrictor virtues. Hamamelis leaves are now usually prescribed in the treatment of circulation problems to strengthen small vessel and avoid them to explode under the skin. 

    Products containing hamamelis : refreshing and tonic gel for legs, ultra-fresh foot cream.

  • Harpagophytum

    Harpagophytum/ Harpagophytum procumbens

    Harpagophytum procumbens, often called « devil’s claw», is a herbaceous and perennial plant belonging to the Harpagophytum genus, and the Pedaliaceae family. Its name comes from the Greek “harpagos” (hook, or grape), it refers to its hook-shaped fruits. Its main root is lignified and grows deeply into the ground in a vertical direction. From this main root, other secondary roots form bulbous tubers, which can be big up to 1,5kgs. These tubers represent 90% of the plant total weight; and only these tubers are used by the pharmacists or in the traditional medicine, especially in the South of Africa. There they are employed as anti-inflammatory and also to sooth some pains.

    Nowadays, Harpagophytum procumbens is a renowned plant which root is mentioned in the European pharmacopoeia with the indication : “ Traditionally use for the symptomatic treatment of minor joints pains.”

    Products containing harpagophytum : relaxing massage oil, refreshing and tonic gel for legs, after sport gel.

  • Fagus sylvatica

    Beech Tree / Fagus sylvatica

    It is nicknamed in French "arbre de l'éternelle jeunesse" meaning the tree of the eternal youth. The beech tree attain full maturity only after 60 years, and its typical lifespan is approximately of 200 years. The common beech has a majestic look since it can reach heights up to 35 metres. Its trunks is long and thin, typical of the temperate European forests.

    In cosmetics we use the beech tree buds extract actives which are harvested in the wild and semi-mountainous areas in the West of France. The picking takes place in remote areas far from urban, industrial or agricultural zones so to avoid all types of pollution or pesticide and herbicide. Only the buds on the lower branches are picked in order to preserve the development of the tree. The growing and picking thus respect the natural balance of the plant. Embryo of life, these buds contain a rich and varied energy reserve : flavonoids, peptide and particularly phytostimuline, a compound which helps the opening and stimulate the cell metabolism.  Inspired by the gemmotherapy*, we, Le Château du Bois, use this organic-certified active. This elixir of youth revitalizes the skin and it becomes radiant and moisturized. In vitro tests proved cell oxygenation is boosted by this elixir which also stimulate metabolism. Moreover in vivo tests on volunteers confirmed that thanks to it wrinkles depth is reduced and the skin moisturizing is improved.

    *Gemmotherapy [from Lat. "gemma", bud, and New Lat. "therapīa", Grk. "therapeia", medical treatment] is a form of herbal medicine that uses remedies made principally from the embryonic tissue of various trees and shrubs (the buds and emerging shoots), but also from the reproductive parts (the seeds and catkins) and from newly grown tissue (the rootlets and the cortex of rootlets). In two instances, remedies are also made from the sap.

    Products containing beech tree bud extract : anti-aging night cream for face .

  • Jojoba

    Jojoba / Simmondsia chinensis

    Shrub from arid South West US regions and Northern Mexican regions, jojoba is also called “gold of the desert” because of its remarkable resistance to heat and dry climates. From jojoba’s seeds men extract an oil very rich in fatty acids. This oil is employed in the traditional medicine to heal wounds and moisturise the skin. In the cosmetic field it is used for its nourishing effect on the skin without leaving behind an oily film.

    Product containing jojoba : refreshing and relaxing cream mask for face and neck.

  • Butyrospermum parkii

    Shea / Butyrospermum parkii

    Shea is a magical tree, a women’s tree… It rules over the African Savanna, the Shea tree is a sacred tree it cannot be cut, nor damaged, and women are its guardians. They are the one picking the nuts, same nuts which give after transformation the famous shea butter. Already known in Ancient Times for its cosmetic virtues, shea butter is exceptionally rich with unsaponifiable agents, that is to say with the noble part of vegetable oil. So because of that shea butter has regenerative and protective properties. Besides it contains also A, D, E, F vitamins, very good to regenerate and protect the skin. 

    Products containing shea butter : Cleansing Milk, Ultra-rich and refreshing foot cream, Nourishing and protective hand cream, lavender shaving cream for a soft and perfect shaving, fortifying conditioner, refreshing and relaxing cream mask for face and neck, face moisturizing day cream , face moisturizing anti-aging night cream , hydrating after shave balm, nourishing and protective lip balm, soaps.

  • Lavandula officinalis

    Fine Lavender/ Lavandula officinalis

    Major Mediterranean plant, fine lavender was considered by the Ancient Times botanists as a precious plant. It is used for its soothing and anti-sceptic properties and also in High Perfumery. It can be considered as the “Couteau Suisse” (a knife which has many uses) of aromatherapy, as, since Dioscoride in Materia Medica in the 1st century, right up to René-Maurice Gattefossé who launched modern aromatherapy in 1928, lavender has always been recognised for its medicinal properties. In the cosmetic sector, the essential oil of fine lavender is not much employed because of its high prices but also its rarity. It is called “The Blue Gold of Provence”.

    Products containing fine lavender : All our products contain AOP fine lavender essential oil, cosmetics as well as perfumes. Our tonic lotion and floral water are made with the lavender hydrolats.

  • Mentha piperita

    Peppermint / Mentha piperita

    Peppermint has been known since the 17th century when it was cross-breed and appeared in the English green mint cultures. It is a strong, slightly hairy plant with purple-coloured flowers. Its leaves contain a strong-scented essence, with a pepper fragrance, hence its latin name Mentha piperita. Mints are among the oldest medicinal plants. Peppermint has a special place in herbal medicine thanks to the essential oil it contains and which gives peppermint a calming and anti-sceptic action.

    Produits contenant de la menthe poivrée : draining massage oil.

  • Menthol

    Menthol/ Menthol

    Menthol is an organic compound made synthetically from cornmint  (Mentha Arvensis) oil. It is mainly employed for its refreshing, icy effect and its decongestant actions. Cornmint belongs to the Lamiaceae family. It is a herbaceous plant with a strong aromatic fragrance; it is generally 10 to 60 cm high; its flowers form a whorl at the base of the leaves. These latest are oval, pointed and dentate. This perennial plant blooms from July to September. It grows mainly  in ditches, marshes and wet meadow.

    Products containing menthol : ultra-rich and refreshing foot cream, refreshing and tonic gel for legs, after sport gel.

  • Olea europaea

    Olive tree / Olea europaea

    Sacred tree in the Mediterranean Basin, it has many significations: peace, hope, longevity or strength…. In many regards the olive tree is remarkable. First for its life expectancy , but also for its generous nature. It gives its bark, fruits and leaves to build, feed or heal. The olive oil extracted from its pulp contains omega 9, 6 and antioxidants. Extremely nourishing, soft and protective, the oil appeases, soothes and is especially recommended for sensitive skins.

    Products containing olive oil : nourishing and protective hand cream, exfoliating shower cream.

  • Pogostemon cablin

    Patchouli / Pogostemon cablin

    From India, Malaysia and South-East Asia, patchouli is cultivated in tropical countries. Its essential oil is extracted from its dried leaves. Patchouli is very sought after by perfumers or by the cosmetic industry because of its woody and musky perfume. In traditional medicine, Patchouli is known for its stimulant and astringent actions.

    Product containing patchouli : Lavender for Men

  • Ruscus aculeatus

    Butcher’s-Broom / Ruscus aculeatus

    It is often named Butcher’s-Broom, yet it is also known as Knee Holly, Jew’s Myrtle or Fragon (meaning butcher in French). It grows in forests under temperate climates. Its leave-shaped branches are hard and flattened and stay evergreen all year long. Tiny white flowers can be seen on the branches, they give bright red and toxic berries after pollination. The butcher’s-broom therapeutic values come from its roots, they have long been used to stimulate blood circulation and reduce oedema. The cosmetic sector uses the butcher’s-broom roots extract for its beneficial effect on cutaneous microcirculation and its draining action. 

    Products containing butcher’s broom : draining massage oil, eye serum, shaving cream for a soft and perfect shaving.

  • Spiraea ulmaria

    Meadowsweet / Spiraea ulmaria

    Perannial plant from temperate regions, it proliferates along watercourses or in wet meadows. It is also referred as the Queen of the Meadow because of its delicate inflorescence in a crown-like shape. Meadowsweet has long been used for its anti-inflammatory and febrifuge effects. In cosmetology it protects the skin from bacteria and regulates sebaceous secretions.

    Products containing meadowsweet: after sport gel, muscle comfort massage oil

  • Rosmarinus officinalis

    Rosemary / Rosmarinus officinalis

    Rosemary is a shrub from Mediterranean regions, growing on limestone soil. Its thin, long and very fragranced leaves can be employed as condiment. It is said Isabel of Hungary (16th century) felt young and healthy again at 70 thanks to an elixir made with rosemary. In the cosmetic field it is used for its regenerating, moisturizing properties and also for the ursolic acid, an active contained in rosemary  which has soothing and repairing virtues.

    Products containing rosemary : Extra gentle shampoo, fortifying conditioner, Body and hair shower gel for men, after sport gel.

  • Rosa damascena

    Damask Rose/ Rosa damascena

    Among all the variety of rose cultivated, the Damask Rose is a rose hybrid derived from the Rosa Gallica (Rose de Provins in French) and Rosa centifolia. It was introduced in Europe by Crusaders, its essence is known as a universal remedy. It blooms in June, the flowers are pink, grows in group and has a sweet fragrance. It is usually employed as a toning lotion for its astringent properties.

    Products containing Damask Rose : Refreshing and purifying tonic lotion for face, moisturising day cream for face.

  • muscat Rosa canina

    Rose / muscat Rosa canina

    From the roseship family, Rose is a shrub originally from Europe, Rose lights up hedges and copses with its white and pink flowers and also its red-to-orange fruits. Called rose hip or rose haw, these fruits contains a seed which give a very unsaturated fat-rich oil when extracted by cold pressure. Rose oil is used to revitalise skin cells. 

    Product containing rose oil : eye serum.

  • Salvia sclarea

    Salvia sclarea/ Salvia sclarea

    Clary Sage is a biennial or short-lived herbaceous perennial from the Lamiaceae, native from southern Europe as well as Western Asia. It is cultivated for its aromatic and medicinal qualities. The essential oil extracted from its leaves has many properties, it is a good analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antimicrobial. It is rich in Omega 3 and it contains also monoterpene. This oil is renown to promote hair growth, but also to help greasy hair and reduce dandruff.

    Products containing clary sage : Extra gentle shampoo, Body and hair shower gel for men

  •  Sesamum indicum

    Sesame / Sesamum indicum

    Sesame is a native plant from Africa, well known for its rich seeds containing oil, vitamins and proteins. It is one of the oldest oleaginous seeds cultivated by men. It has a major role in ancient civilisations. Sesame oil has remarkable cosmetic properties since it is very rich in essential fatty acid and vitamin E. 

    Products containing sesame oil : eye serum, ultra-rich and refreshing foot cream, shaving cream for a soft and perfect shaving, relaxing massage oil, muscle comfort massage oil, draining massage oil, repairing and nourishing lip balm, refreshing and tonic gel for legs, after sport gel, shower cream for body, anti-aging night cream for face, exfoliating shower cream for body.

  • Camellia sinensis

    Tea tree (green tea) / Camellia sinensis

    Tea tree is known by men for more than 5000 years, it is part of many legends; tea is said to be the oldest drink in the world. It is also the second most consumed drink just behind water. It is appreciated for its stimulating, diuretic and protective virtues. All teas come from the same plant, Camellia Sinensis. Then only their fabrication processes change. To do green tea, men have to pick up the leaves, wither them, roll them and then dry them without fermenting them. Our brand, Le Château du Bois, uses an organic tea leaves extract known for its anti-radicals action.  

    Products containing green tea : draining massage oil, eye serum, shaving cream

  • Helianthus annuus

    Sunflower/ Helianthus annuus

    Sunflower is a tall annual plant belonging to the Asteraceae family, genus with large flower heads. The name sunflower may come from the Italian word “girasole” meaning: turning with the sun. Its scientific name is Helianthus Annus. Sunflower is now widely cultivated worldwide. The oil is extracted from the seeds, its content varies from 40 to 50%. Sunflower oil is appreciated because it is well balanced. It contains only 12% saturated fat, and a lot of mono or poly unsaturated fat acids. It is also composed of essential fatty acid such as the linoleic acid, or other acids, oleic or palmitic. Moreover Sunflower oil is a source of Vitamin E.

    Products containing sunflower oil : cleasing milk, moisturizing day cream

  • Vetiveria zizanioides

    Vetiver / Vetiveria zizanioides

    Vetiver is plant forming large green clump. Vetiver roots grow vertically downward, 2-4 metres in depth. Farmers grow it to mark out their plots, it is very useful to prevent soil erosion. Vetiver hedges are also useful to preserve soils moisture, stabilize dykes, restore vacant lots or even to prevent the pollution of natural resources. Yet it is vetiver roots which are more specifically known. Indeed after their distillation, the roots give a  very thick resinous essence much used in perfumery. Vetiver essence belongs to the olfactory family: woody. It is a fine and complex fragrance, both woody and aromatic as well as green and slightly smoky as far as Vetiver from Java is concerned. Vetiver is mostly used in men’s perfumes.

    Product containing Vetiver from Java : Lavender for Men