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Le Château Du Bois - Product lines

Optimal plant-based ingredients for high quality cosmetics

« Le Château du Bois » has extensive experience in fine lavender production, distillation and essential oils dating back to 1890.  The creation of organic cosmetic products was a natural progression for the brand.

Le Château du Bois :  coffret cadeau

It rose to this challenge in 1991 and began to develop cosmetics based on its fine lavender AOP essential oil, providing all the benefits and qualities of this precious nectar. 

« Le Château du Bois » harvests plants, selects ingredients and tests the efficacy, penetration and viscosity of the textures in order to obtain products that perfectly meet its customers’ needs.  Above all, the brand understands that cosmetics are care products which create an emotional effect and soothe the body and mind.

The essential characteristic of « Le Château du Bois » cosmetics is the high proportion of natural active ingredients perfectly balanced in each formula.  By constantly striving towards the maximum concentration of essential oils, plant extracts and hydrolats, the brand guarantees efficacy and products that are a joy to use. 


Our lines

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